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Meet The Team Behind Imagine Solar

Tom Plum


Throughout my professional career, which spans two decades, I have achieved many accomplishments within extremely competitive organizations and markets. However, the achievements I hold closest to my heart are being a husband, a father of a beautiful daughter, and a father of an amazing son. I have learned that in order to be an effective leader, you must be human and treat your reports with the same love and care you would provide to your closest family.

I believe in hard work that is noticeable not only in the success of a company but in my personal life as well. Work-life balance is at the forefront of my core values, and spending time with my family engaging in boating, off-roading, volunteering, helping the less fortunate, and vacationing are some of the ways I keep balance. I promote this within our organization and encourage a healthier way of life. I am proud to lead a company that represents a cleaner way of life, helps consumers spend less, and demonstrates good core values within our staff.

Jeff Dyson

Hello, I'm Jeff. Since a child, everyone has just called me Dyson. I'm a sixth-generation Arizonan. The best title I have ever been honored to achieve is Father. I believe there is a direct correlation between demonstrating strong core values both in family and in business to achieve success on all levels.

I've held multiple titles in multiple verticals throughout my career. I have been blessed in business to be trained by some of the most successful leaders in the industry. I believe in servant leadership, a strong work ethic, dedication to my craft, and award-winning customer service. I joined Imagine Solar with those principles in mind, and Imagine Solar far exceeded my expectations.

The core values Imagine Solar has in place align with the type of company I want to help grow.

Phone: 480.665.1666

Dekota D'Angelo

My name is Dekota D'Angelo. I was born in California but traveled all over the country growing up. I grew up playing sports and later played football in college. After college, I decided to take my experience in communications and apply it to the sales industry.

For over ten years, I have worked in beneficial sales while building sales teams, consulting, and training. The most important thing in my career is providing solutions and building long-lasting relationships with my peers and clients–one handshake at a time!

Phone: 480.993.7915

Joey Gonzalez

Hi, my name is Joey Gonzalez. I was born and raised in Sterling, Virginia, and I studied Finance at the Eller School of Business at the University of Arizona.

I moved out to Arizona in search of adventure in a beautiful environment. I have a deep love of music and traveling and love to embrace the world that we live in. I am very excited to be in this industry and to be able to educate and aid homeowners in switching to renewable energy.

Phone: 703.582.4973

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